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 About M4 

 Igniting church planting movements globally. 

By church planters. For church planters.

The church landscape is flexing.

Micro, Networks, Hybrid, Multi-site and the Church-on-the-corner have a place - but all require women & men with the gift of leadership to be in play.


M4 equips for all forms, empowering planting teams to create healthy, multiplying communities as God is leading them in their context.

Who we serve
  • Movements & Denominations.

  • Churches planting churches.

  • Church planting teams.

M4 fuels planters and movements to fulfil the church models and plans God has given them. 

What we provide
  • Equipping for planting teams, potential church planters, coaches and facilitators.

  • Coaching for church planters and teams.

  • Facilitation and training through our various courses.

  • Assessment process for potential planters.

What we don't
  • Theological qualification.

  • Funding for church plants.

M4 can work within movements, becoming a seamless and integrated part of their church planting pathway.  

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Our roots

M4 Australia has its roots in M4 Europe which has, in recent years, seen over 350 churches planted in 16 of the most secular nations on earth. Read more here.

M4 Australia is building a national team, coordinated by Patrick Hegarty, church planter and founder of the ConneXa development incubator

Operating Principles

We are an inter-denominational training, coaching & assessing group equipping leaders to plant healthy multiplying churches.
Our Foundation
Christ Centred & Bible Based.  We believe that church planting is God’s initiative and that it’s Christ Himself who builds His church. Therefore the authority of the Bible is essential for the content of M4 processes and tools. M4 isn't a theological college. We believe church planting has to be done following the lead of the Holy Spirit through prayer, worship and discipleship to Jesus Christ.
Our Mission
To serve and equip national and statewide leadership teams to collaborate in recruiting, assessing, training and coaching church planters and their teams in planting healthy reproducing churches that glorify God and impact society.
Mission driven
We believe that as God sent Christ, we also are sent – to love people and share our lives with them and witness to Jesus. We want to reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kingdom Mindset

We want to practice church planting in a way that allows God to start a movement of healthy reproducing churches that glorify Him and impact society. We have a Kingdom mindset and therefore pursue spiritual unity seeking to work with different denominations, organisations and accepting different church planting models.

Relationship Based

We believe that God prioritises relationships above all else. We believe that the full wisdom of God is hidden in the whole body of Christ – His church. We want to behave in a way that values relationships highly as well as to have fun as we do His work.

Consistent Improvement

We believe that the work of the Kingdom must be done excellently. We will resist the temptation to think we have arrived. We will learn from our mistakes, seek out and listen to the feedback of others as we continue to change and improve the way we serve God and His people.

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