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 M4 Ready 

For young people with potential to plant, lead and multiply Christian communities Australia.
"Emerging leaders are keen to invest in a new kind of church and a kingdom-sized vision that looks outward". 
M4 Ready provides a 9-month development experience that provides participants with real equipping in facets of Christian leadership - helping them discern...

If they have a passion and calling for church planting.

If they could see themselves as part of a church planting team.

If they can see themselves as a leader in a local church with a clear perspective on the importance of church planting.

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"I'd never thought of myself in a church plant, but now I am excited to see how God could use me there."

2025 Cohorts

Movements are joining forces to create an exciting cohort for M4 Ready in 2025.


Kicking off with a vision rally in late Jan / early Feb, then launching the program a few weeks later, it will be an exciting catalyst for recruiting new leaders.

Want to join or start an M4 Ready cohort in 2025? Contact Liam Berry today.

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Liam Berry

National lead - M4 Ready

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Six Modules

Church Planting: Understanding the Process of Planting a New Church

Personal Development: Self-Mastery and a Resilient Lifestyle

Evangelism: Presenting the Gospel and Understanding the Context

Communication: Preaching and Teaching Biblically and Relevantly

Team Development: Building a Healthy and Well-Functioning Team

Discipleship: Creating a Discipleship Culture

Five Elements

Online course


The course includes 6 modules of teaching and relevant assignments to be completed in local contexts.


It is supplemented by the Participant’s workbook which helps participants to stay on track.

Mentoring relationship

Mentors support and encourage participants throughout the learning process and keep them accountable for their progress.


Mentoring can happen one-on-one, in small groups or cohorts. Different nations choose the intensity of mentoring differently (for example, twice in each module, or once after each module).

Startup weekend


A gathering of all participants in a nation, region or denomination which takes place at the end of Module 1.


It is a time of worship, fellowship and committing to each other and the course.

Regional gatherings


A meeting in a local church with 5-20 participants from a region and their leaders.


Typically 4-5 meetings will take place during the entire course to provide a space for mutual support and encouragement among the participants.

Study trip


This inspiring trip often is an international trip of all M4 Ready participants around the region.


It is a time of worship and learning in a location where churches are being planted in various circumstances. 

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